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Tips Of Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence, is a sexual dysfunction that affects men by making them have difficulties in maintaining an erection during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by some drug side effects, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases.
Many men suffer erectile dysfunction, and this has made their sexual life miserable which is something terrible especially if you are in a relationship. Here are some of the tips that will go a long way to help you when dealing with erectile dysfunction in your relationship and maintain a healthy relationship together with your loved one. When you are a woman and your man has this condition then first thing you are supposed to do is, to be frank to your partner by making it clear to him that erectile dysfunction will not make you feel less in love with him. When you show your man that you care and you are willing to assist him in dealing with the situation, you will boost his confidence greatly and improve the condition to a level that you have never imagined before.
There are some medical solutions that you can use as a man to treat this condition. There are many medical solutions that have been proven effective to treat this condition temporarily. You can go with your partner to the doctor to discuss various options you can use and their side effects. Most of them are not instantaneous hence you are not supposed to worry if they didn’t work but rather give them a humble time.
As indicated earlier, erectile dysfunction can result from a poor heart health hence advocating for a healthy heart is crucial. This tip will slow down the progression of the condition but not cure it permanently. You can advocate for a healthy heart by eating better foods especially fruits that reduce heart diseases because of the essential minerals that they contain. Exercisisng is also important if you want to maintain a healthy heart.
Another thing you are supposed to do when dealing with erectile dysfunction is to remove alcohol from the mix because alcohol reduces the body’s ability to respond effectively. When you are a woman you can try to make your other half engage in the activity without drinking. Sex can be very scary to a man that has these conditions hence coming up with techniques that will help him perform will greatly help, you can do this by using toys or opting for oral play.
The last tip you are supposed to follow is going for the positions that will work with your condition. Picking up styles that work well with this condition will help you to perform well, for example, the missionary style where as a man, you will be on top during the activity.

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