I'll send a collated request, somewhere in the air, to my annoying neighbor, not to look at my windows. Maybe he'll hear me. He's curious like a monkey, the road runs under the Windows. He likes to stand on it, he's looking at my windows. Knock around scared when I play the drum. I'll send a request to the higher places, to cancel the road, I'll use the filling pen to write it. Now I'm waiting for an answer, as it all turns out, and the coffee will cool.
Waiting for her to be heard
I've been waiting here for over two weeks, coffee long ago. Suddenly my ear hears something, the postman's car is approaching. I've got an envelope from higher places, I'm looking forward to the letter I'll be part of. I open it with a knife, a neighbor in his hand with a basket, he's looking at my windows now. I eagerly read the letter, there is a detailed description of how to solve the problem. With outdoor blinds, not much of my drum will be heard or a neighbor in the window of the Chučet.

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