Real Gangsters battles!

Have you always wished to experience the right, adrenaline and tension-charged gangster battle? Do you want to fight even the smallest piece of land? Then just game games on the PC is for you! A game that already has a name says it's all about! A game in which you will find unlimited possibilities to govern the world of dirty money, corruption and killing! A game in which you become a simple gangster and it is up to you to get to it! Perhaps it is you who will drive the city, who will determine the rules and who will decide for others! Become a Mafia boss exactly as you know them from the movie!
Guns and Suspense!
It's not just about getting the highest position in the world. It's all about getting the others on your knees! It's about forcing others to listen to you! You are the law, you are a rule that everyone must respect!

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