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How to Use the Electric Shock Device In case of Heart Attack
Most of the members of the society has classified the heart attack as one of the deadliest condition that kills within a second. That attack however should not be seen as a condition that cannot be treated terming it as a death sentence. Because of lack of knowledge on the way to handle a patient on heart attack has caused many deaths when they are taken to hospital and therefore it is better to give first aid at the spot .

The people around those under attack need to learn more here on the precautions to take and what to do immediately the condition comes about on the ground since it is something that is unexpected. This measure involves delivering a device that gives the electric shock direct to the heart while calling for the medical assistance and the devices are all over the places. Learn more here on how to handle the electric shock device to acquire positive results in case of the situation to assist the affected person to have air to breath.

A patient under the cardiac arrest is usually realized by how the hearty is working and hence before applying the electric shock device on the patients hearty one should have a closer look at the breathing and the impulses of the heart to evaluate whether the patient is suffering from the heart disease. The patient suffering from the heart attack might have changes in the pigment of the skin, excessive sweating and loss of counsisness and this signs need to be looked upon to make sure that the device is used at the person. When one realizes the patient is suffering from the cardiac attack and is able to learn more here, the next step is to call for the emergency service so as to make sure even when they are proceeding to the next step at least assistance is on the way.

while the assistance is on the way one need to compress the chest of the victim 30 times then give mouth to mouth breath twice to rescue and repeat the 30 chest compression but the process does not stop at that but it continues with the compression increasing to 100 but it should not be more than that. The patient is ready to be prepared for the application of the shock device on the heart by making sure that the chest is dry and remove the shirt to ensure that the pads lie to all the area and learn more here that there is no obstruction.Then the device should be taken and on the device it shows how the to attach the cables from the pads to it.

One should learn more here on how the pads should be placed and where the electric shock device will initiate the shock automatically. There should be clear ground once the device is realizing the shock. alternating Compressing the heart and the device shock continues until the emergency services comes in.

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