Elegance and Certainty

His boss was a beautiful lady in middle years, but thanks to her manicure, beautician and hairdresser she looked less. She had a beautiful lush bust, red-eyed tan, green eyes, long eyelashes, always a perfect makeup, and especially her style. She was charming, sweet, witless and sarcastic, in short, everything that Adam loved for women.
Selected Type
Of course he was worried about her, and before he went to his chicken-break, he wanted to make sure that he was all right, in good company, and that he had champagne in him. He personally avoided champagne as well as binary options – both had the same effect; There was a headache on both of them, and neither was a cup of his tea. He liked whisky, and his love for the types of men was also connected with it: two years older and an arousing hotness within him.

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