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What to Love and Not to Love About Double Glazed Windows

It is good to look at available double glazed windows when renovating your property’s windows to better the aesthetics. For sure, installation of double glazed windows will cost you more compared to the installation of single-paned equivalent. But, the expensive initial cost of double glazed windows installation will eventually result in future savings particularly in energy cost.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of double glazed windows installation.

Savings in Energy Costs – One main advantage of installing double glazed windows is that these creates an airtight construction thus, heat is prevented from going out and coming inside. Because of this airtight construction, the energy required to heat up a place is a lot lesser thus, resulting to extremely lower gas and electricity bills. If you want to increase the insulation of your windows, you can add up to third or fourth layer. Each pane of glass added helps to improve the window’s ability to prevent the loss of heat.

Sound Insulation – Another great benefit of double glazed windows is that they greatly increase sound insulation through creating a firm barrier between the outside and the inside of the property; this is beneficial if you live in an area which is noisy or if your property is situated on the main road. These windows are safer too because they are more difficult to break compared to single-paned windows.

Prevents Condensation Build-up – Condensation occurs if humid air comes into contact with a surface with much lower temperature, which results in formation of droplets of water. This makes a room much cooler than it needs to be and so to solve this cooler dilemma, it is usually necessary to turn the heating up. However, you do not have to deal with a problem like this if you have double glazed windows because they prevent the build up of condensation.

Limit Damage to Furniture – Double glazed windows can help reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter inside your property, therefore the likeliness that damages brought by the sunlight on your furniture, carpet, wall paintings, and the like items on your home, will be reduced.

Below are the disadvantages of double glazed windows.

Non-repairable – Moisture or air will commence to build up if the spaces between the windows failed to be airtight, which is difficult to fix and will also obscure the window. If the windows are installed already, it is impossible to take them out for repair. In some severe cases, it might be required to replace the windows.

Traps Heat – When it is winter, it is a good thing when heat is trapped inside the property, but this is not true when it is summer. It turns out to be uncomfortable and stuffy once heat is trapped during the warmer months of the year. A solution for this problem is to put tint on your windows, but this would entail additional expenses.

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